Online Blackjack

Online Blackjack

Playing blackjack is one of the most entertaining and rewarding activities at a casino.

Casino games have gained a lot of popularity on the internet and this can be seen in emerging markets, such as Kenya. With tens of unique gaming options available, players can always change things up a bit and go for something a bit different.

One of the preferred and most popular card games on the globe is blackjack. Also known as 21, the casino game is very easy to understand but also has a special feature that gives players more control than your average gambling game does.

A quick blackjack history

It is unknown how the game of twenty-one started but the earliest references to it can be found in the writings of Miguel de Cervantes, more specifically in the ones that followed Don Quixote. The famous Spanish actor was also a big gambler and enjoyed various games that allowed him to bet and he even included some in his work. One was called "ventiuna" and this is related to the card game of twenty-one.

The actual history of the name of the game we know today started in casinos in the United States. In order to attract more players to the card game, some establishments in Las Vegas included an additional payout of 10:1 for a combination of two black cards as long as one was a Jack and the other was the Ace of spades. This special hand was called blackjack and despite the fact that it was removed from the game, the name of any two cards with for a total of 21 remains the same.

How to start playing blackjack online

Not only is the game easy to learn, but it is very popular at online casinos and this provides players the best way to practice. Between one and eight decks of cards are used in the game, with no jokers.

The player must first place a bet and then the game will deal two cards to the player and another two cards to the house side. Both the cards from the player are visible, while only one dealer card can be seen.

In each round, the goal of blackjack is simply to get a bigger value than the dealer but at the same time not get more than 21. Cards are scored based on their value and Jack, Queen and King are each worth ten points. Ace can be one or eleven.

After the initial cards are dealt, the player can choose to get more cards or keep the current hand at any time.

Simple strategy for online blackjack

Blackjack is a game where the player can influence the outcome by making a decision after the initial deal. The easiest strategy to remember is to stand for hands of 17 or higher, hit between 13 and 16 if the dealer has a 6 or less and hit on anything less than 13.

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