Online Roulette

Online Roulette

Enjoy roulette at your favorite online casino and see just how much fun the wheel can be.

Roulette has been a popular choice in casinos since the first establishments appeared and it continues to be a top game even now, in the internet age. Online roulette is available at almost every online casino and its many options for betting are what really appeal to a variety of players.

Roulette History

The name actually comes from its basic mechanic and the fact that it uses a wheel. In the French language, roulette actually is a form of "little wheel" and the first version of the game was introduced in 1796. There were some differences and the most notable one was the lack of green pockets. These were added later, in the early 1800s, to make them more noticeable.

European Roulette is the one with one green pocket for 0 and this was created back in 1843 and became popular throughout Europe. The version with two green pockets, known now mostly as American Roulette, was created in Las Vegas casinos as a way to improve the odds for the house.

How to play

The mechanic of roulette is very simple and the only difficult part may be understanding the different betting options available. These become easier to grasp by just looking at the table with all the positions.

When a game of roulette starts, players at the table are allowed to place their bets how they wish as long as they are within table limits. Once this stage is complete, the dealer will go ahead and spin the wheel while also throwing a tiny white ball on it. When the wheel stops, the ball will drop in a pocket, each of them being numbered and colored. The winning number will then be compared to the bets and the respective payouts are granted.

At online casinos, the idea remains pretty much the same but instead of a dealer, we have a random number generator and a nice little animation to show the wheel spinning before presenting the result.

Using strategies in roulette

We mentioned earlier that there are two types of roulette and a player can improve the odds by simply opting for the right one. European Roulette will always have better odds than its American cousin since it has fewer pockets due to having only one green zero. While American Roulette has more possible outcomes, it actually has the same payout rates and this makes it the less good choice.

Using regular betting strategies on the even-money bets can also be a good way to increase wins. One of the best tips in this regard would be to increase the bet by doubling it with each loss and then bring it back to the initial amount after a win.

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