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Please take your time to read our cookie and privacy policy to learn more about what are cookies and how and why we use them.

"You" and "Your" refer to our website users. In addition, our "Privacy Policy" or "This Document" outlines our policies regarding collecting and processing information from our Website. We aim to be transparent with our users about how we collect and process their data.
The Website may contain advertisements and links to third-party sites with independent privacy and cookie policies. Users should review these policies before sharing any personal or other information.

By visiting our Website, you consent to collecting and processing your information as outlined in this document.
Types of information collected The information we collect is non-personal, meaning we cannot use it to identify you. This may include information broadcast by your devices, such as usage statistics and technical data like your IP address and other online identifiers. We may also collect information about the software and hardware you use to access our Website, such as your browser and operating system. In addition, we may track the language and times you access our Website and use your activity on the Website to improve our services.
Cookie Policy We use cookies to distinguish visitors to our Website and provide them with the best experience possible. Cookies also help us improve the design and performance of our Website.

A cookie is a small file stored on your device that contains information about your previous sessions on a Website. This makes your experience more efficient by remembering your preferences and automatically activating certain features.

We use the following types of cookies and explain why we use them:

Session Cookies - These temporary files are only stored while you browse and are deleted once you close your browser. They are necessary for our Website to function correctly. If you disable these cookies, our Website's performance may be affected.

Persistent Cookies - These files are typically kept longer than session cookies. The time these files are kept varies depending on the company that sets them up. In the case of OCR, we use third-party web-traffic analytics companies who monitor and analyze user interaction with our Website. We have no control over the policies of these companies.

These cookies can be divided into the following types:

Analytical/Performance cookies:

These cookies capture anonymous visitor data and show us which parts of the Website are accessed, how long visitors spend on certain areas of the Website, and in which order users access different parts of the Website. This helps us provide users with more accessible and more efficient access.

Functionality cookies:

These cookies are used to identify repeat visitors and enable us to save your preferences, so we can recall them for future visits and improve your experience.

Targeting Cookies: These cookies allow us to track the pages and links you access. We use this data to improve our Website's relevance to your interests.
By continuing to use our Website, you accept and understand the use of the types of cookies described above. You also accept the use of other tracking technologies described in this document. None of the cookies described above contains personal information that can identify you as an individual.

If you wish to disable cookies, you can do so by going to the "settings" of your internet browser and selecting "privacy and security," followed by "Cookies and other site data" and choosing to block some or all cookies.

Please be aware that disabling cookies may affect the performance of our Website.
If you have any questions about our Privacy Policy or the use of cookies, please get in touch with us.

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